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Home health care can mean a wide variety of things, so it’s helpful to take some time to think about what you or your loved one’s specific needs are. Companion care encompassess a variety of services- socialization and emotional support, transportation, homemaking and more. Companion care may be introduced for a variety of reasons- a long distance caregiver, a dementia diagnosis, or social isolation.

A long distance caregiver may opt to hire a companion to add to their support team, and offer their loved one safety and support at home. Having the peace of mind that your loved one has all their basic needs met, plus socialization and engagement can make all the difference for a caregiver who may be providing support at a distance.

In the circumstance of a dementia diagnosis, companion care may be used to help ease the transition of allowing others to be involved in care. As dementia progresses, your loved one’s needs may be more extensive and initially your loved one with a dementia diagnosis may be apprehensive of having others involved in their care. Companion care can allow your loved one to build rapport with someone else. Not only can it assist in the transition for the person living with dementia, but it can help the caregiver also become familiar with the idea of someone else being involved in their loved one’s care. This can be an emotional transition, and finding care providers that you can trust is crucial.

Lots of care providers can check the basic boxes of being able to administer medications or assist with daily tasks. What makes Synchrony’s high-quality care stand out is the staff’s ability to connect with their patients on a human level, and to demonstrate high levels of empathy and strong communication skills. A great provider knows how to cultivate a compassionate and trusting relationship, which is just as important as providing quality medical care.It’s important to consider what activities or conversation topics may help connect your loved one to their companion. Our staff are well versed on the importance of positive and clear communication, understanding (and participating in) our patients’ interests, hobbies, and how they love to spend their day. (singing, playing bridge or chess, cooking, beauty tips, sharing stories about friends and family, nature and gardening, automotive interests – to name a few).

Companion care can assist your loved one in making the most of their residence, and can fill in any gaps that might exist within the residence- for example ensuring that your loved one is attending programs.

As your loved one’s needs change, Synchrony Home Health Care will be there for you. Whether you need a provider with experience managing a certain condition, such as diabetes, dementia, or Alzheimer’s; physical, occupational, and speech therapy, medical social work, companion care, nursing care- Synchrony Home Health Care provides these services, and much more.

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